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Our agency help desk is sparking awesome questions. Big thanks to our Dir. of Advertising @EvanLevy for leading the…

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Space is filling up for our @AdWords agency help desk tmrw night from 6-7 PM. Free pizza + beer! Grab a spot here:

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Our 2nd SIG!

If you’re an AMA member, come on over to our office at 6 PM next Thursday, September 26th for Method Savvy’s 2nd SIG! There will be free food, Fullsteam beer, and overall just great company and discussion.

The topic…Digital Marketing Attribution:

Marketers today must justify budgets by attributing marketing’s effects throughout the sales process. Developing a marketing attribution system helps marketers define the roles that their efforts play in driving revenue.

While most attribution today is measured by first-touch or last-click due to the shear complexity of managing data,  there are several ways to measure the impact of different customer touch points during the sales process.

We’ll dive into the pros and cons of different attribution models, discuss the benefits of certain tools for marketing attribution, and explain how effectively measuring marketing attribution can better tie marketing efforts to P&L numbers.

If you’re interested, stop by and have a beer…or two.

Registration is open here.

Our address:
502 Rigsbee Avenue
Suite #205
Durham, NC 27701

Hope to see everyone there!


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