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5 Mobile Marketing Best Practices

The growth in popularity of smartphones and tablets has evolved mobile marketing into an increasingly extensive (and lucrative) channel. As mobile marketing continues to grow in prominence and frequency of usage, it will inevitably play an increasingly large role in the marketing strategies of businesses, large and small. To help you incorporate mobile marketing into your business, here are five mobile marketing best practices.

1. Fat Fingers Rule the World: Maximize User Experience

Not that everyone has fat fingers, but a mobile experience should be optimized to fit users with a variety of interests, skill levels and predispositions. The most important aspect of mobile marketing is making the most of user experience (UX). When designing mobile experiences simple, rich and easy to understand is key, but primitive is outdated. Mobile marketing is a customer-based relationship and will only continue to grow in sophistication. Understanding the need to create an experience that users can engage in anywhere at any time is crucial to a successful mobile marketing strategy.

2. Think Like a Phone: Become a (Small) Screen Star

Optimizing your website or emails for the mobile experience can separate a positive experience from a bad one. Mobile incorporates unique features such as locality, convenience, and user-specificity that is unparalleled in other web-based marketing. Mobile is a completely different animal – using larger font sizes, smaller images and single column text all benefit mobile users.

3. Clarity and Brevity: The Path to Simplification

Elaborate and sophisticated designs aren’t necessarily automatic marketing winners. You’ll often find that simple and concise is better when optimizing your copy and layouts for mobile. Your potential buyers have short attention spans, so remember to keep your subject lines short, your messages clear and concise and, most importantly, get to the point without them having to scroll for days.

4. Everyone’s a Local: Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience plays a vital role in effective mobile marketing. While the Internet has certainly done its part to connect the world, a lot of interesting data has shown some interesting behaviors around mobile searches. According to both Google and Microsoft, a large chunk of mobile searches are local (40% according to Google and 53% according to Microsoft). More and more mobile users are taking advantage of finding out about what’s around them instantaneously. When thinking about your marketing strategy, consider your customers on the go. Who’s using what mobile devices, how often, and where are they located? What are they interested in searching for? Clarity around these questions will help your business understand and harness your mobile audience.

5. Live in the moment

This point may seem fairly straight forward, but it’s true, especially when mobile is concerned. Keeping your mobile marketing efforts timely, targeted and direct will strengthen your customer relationships, help drive more relevant traffic to your site, and aid in making your mobile efforts more effective. Being findable when your customers are thinking of you and the goods or services you provide sounds stupid simple, but if you aren’t going to be there, your competitors will.

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