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.@danlondon Thanks for joining us Dan!

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We have a captive audience for @DanLondon's presentation on managing an inside sales team using predictive models.…

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The world’s largest association representing accounting professionals sought a partner to build a community discussion regarding industry relevant topics and issues. We helped them create and maintain an engaged conversation among their membership.

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The Challenge

  • Help the AICPA collect and analyze membership thoughts, opinions and insights regarding the future of the CPA profession.
  • Establish, monitor and track membership dialogue.

The Solution

  • A community discussion forum dedicated to the research initiative.
  • Development and sharing of thought-starter questions and related content.
  • 24/7 monitoring and management of the community forums.
  • Weekly collection and sentiment analysis of the membership discussion.

The Results

  • An active and engaged community focused on discussing the future of the accounting profession.
  • Detailed sentiment analysis and discussion theme distillation that informs the future works and programs of the AICPA.

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