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Rich Snippets & Microdata: Adding Context to Search Engine Results

Rich snippets have become a hot topic in the Internet marketing / SEO world as of late. So what are they? A rich snippet is a preview of the page that appears under the search result. It impacts your organic search results by providing a better sense of the content on the page to users. Through a rich snippet, users

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80% of CEOs Don’t Trust Marketers. Here’s Why & What To Do About It.

In July 2012, The Fournaise Marketing Group released an interesting, if admittedly sad, statement on business unit alignment. For their 2012 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program Report, they interviewed more than 1,200 CEOs from across the globe and found that a staggering 80% “… admit they do not really trust and are not very impressed by the work done by marketers.”

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Happy Halloween from Method Savvy

Happy Halloween! What happens when you cross the site retargeting advertising buying strategy with our Leads Are Easy Customers Are Hard webinar series and zombies? You get Happy Halloween wishes from Method Savvy.

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Method Savvy Named Agency of Record for Altrius

Altrius + Method Savvy We’re excited to announce that Altrius, a wealth management and financial advisor firm, has selected Method Savvy to lead their marketing, advertising and lead generation efforts. We’ll let the below press release do all the talking, but if you’d like to know more please contact us for details. Press Release Durham, NC., May 31, 2012. –

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Can NewsJacking The Real-Time Web Help Cure Cancer?

Real-Time + Content = Donations For Cancer Research We’re running an experiment. We’re testing to see if by leveraging the power of the real-time web, social media and content sharing you can raise a significant amount of funds and awareness for a great cause. See, we’re working with Martin Smith, Atlantic BT and ClearSketch to donate $0.03 to the Duke

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The Constant Flow Of Marketing Data Is A False Sense Of Security

We spend a lot of time talking to clients about the data generated by advertising and marketing campaigns. We talk about what they should be measuring, the best ways to measure it and what to do with it once its all collected. More and more we’re hearing a common refrain – “we’re drowning in data.” The Difference Between Marketing Data

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To Understand Marketing Campaign Value Look Beyond Web Analytics

A few months back our North Carolina neighbors, Newfangled Web Developers, asked an interesting marketing related question on their blog: What Is A Content Strategy Worth? In the post, Newfangled’s President Mark O’Brien writes… “I was meeting with an agency partner in Chicago a few months ago. We were in an all-day planning session for a suite of new sites we’re

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5 Easy Ways To Measure The ROI Of Your Offline Advertising Investments

Advertising ROI Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult To Measure   There’s little argument that measuring advertising’s direct return on investment is a lot easier with digital than it is with traditional. Sure, most traditional advertising vehicles will provide you with access to reach and frequency numbers; but too many traditional campaigns fall into the measurement trap of using a linear

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Marketing on Facebook? It’s Time To Move Past The Wall.

During this year’s f8 developer conference, Facebook announced that it’s making some big changes. In the continuing evolution of the world’s largest social network (now counting 800+ million registered users), Facebook is expanding its big data play by making it easier than ever for users to share all of their likes, wants, thoughts and social interactions. I’ll let others go

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Lessons In The Art Of Breaking Bad News (Netflix Edition)

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Netlix is spinning off its DVD-by-mail business under the new brand name Qwikster. Following a poorly handled announcement of a price increase a few months back that separated the video streaming and DVD-rental fee structure, Reed Hastings – Netflix’s CEO – has decided to double-down on Netflix as a streaming movie service:

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When Everyone Does Content Marketing, How Do You Stand Out?

There’s no arguing that content marketing is a hot topic these days. In fact, according to the Top Rank Blog every 60 seconds: 1,500 blog post, 20,000 Tumbler posts, 600+ YouTube videos and 79,000+ Flickr images are posted to the web… and that’s not even counting the hundreds of thousands of tweets and Facebook status updates made every minute. Businesses (both B2B and B2C) have largely

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Everyone, Meet Devin Kelley. Method Savvy’s New Director of Client Services

It’s always exciting when your company is growing, but it’s especially great when you have the opportunity to add a smart, accomplished and all-around good person to the team. And that’s exactly what we have the opportunity to announce today. Everyone, meet Devin Kelley – Method savvy’s new Director of Client Services. In his senior role at Method Savvy, Devin

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A (Short) Practical Guide to Using Content Marketing for Lead Generation

There’s a lot of buzz these days about inbound marketing as a lead generation strategy. Whereas traditional advertising is a “push” technique – that is you rent an existing medium (e.g. newspaper, television time, website space) to advertise and drive traffic to your business – inbound marketing uses the advantages of the Internet to “pull” people to your website organically.

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Is Blogging Really A Good Lead Generation Strategy?

Yesterday I met with the principles of a professional services company to discuss their lead generation strategy. Like most successful organizations in their industry they have a multifaceted new business program that leverages professional selling, paid advertising and earned media. For several months now I’ve been encouraging them to expand their lead generation efforts to include content marketing, with a

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5 Pay Per Click Advertising Principles Every Business Should Know

For the unfamiliar, Pay Per Click Advertising (point to Services URL on Method Savvy) can be a strange discipline. Part art, part science, PPC is a nuanced marketing activity that if executed correct can generate a significant amount of website traffic, new leads and sales. However if your company doesn’t have experience with PPC, or even worse has had a

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Brand Storytelling As Easy As X + Y = Z

What role does storytelling play in marketing and advertising? It’s a fair question and hardly a new one. A quick web search reveals piles of opinions, articles and studies that demonstrate not only how powerful storytelling can be, but how applicable it is to brands looking to enhance awareness and customer loyalty. I actually had a meeting last week where I

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How To Build An Insanely Effective Marketing Team

This may not come as a surprise to some of you, but many CEOs think marketers are too “fluffy,” “artsy,” and generally lack business credibility. In fact, according to a new survey from The Fournaise Marketing Group CEOs think marketers: Often ask for bigger budgets, but can’t justify the increased spend by demonstrating how much additional business will be generated

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The startup software-as-a-service company sought to raise awareness for its service among college students at campuses across the country. We helped them plan and execute a national publicity stunt. Contact Us to Learn More. The Challenge Elevate brand awareness for Increase website traffic and user registrations. Create a dynamic media story to support featured public relations coverage. The Solution

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The world’s largest association representing accounting professionals sought a partner to build a community discussion regarding industry relevant topics and issues. We helped them create and maintain an engaged conversation among their membership. Contact Us to Learn More. The Challenge Help the AICPA collect and analyze membership thoughts, opinions and insights regarding the future of the CPA profession. Establish, monitor

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The SAS owned data quality and data management company sought to improve their online lead generation activities. We helped them optimize their Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine Optimization programs for increased demand at lower costs. Contact Us to Learn More. The Challenge Revitalize DataFlux’s ongoing web-based lead generation activities. Provide up-to-date guidance and best practices to the web team on

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The international automotive company sought to engage consumers in a unique manner. We helped them build and deploy a mobile web strategy that utilizes QR codes to blend traditional and digital communications. Contact Us to Learn More. The Challenge Help Toyota explore how QR codes can be blended with mobile marketing to increase consumer discussion of, and brand loyalty for, Toyota

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Dollar Tree

The country’s largest single price point retailer and their advertising agency, Burkhead Brand Group, needed a practical social media strategy. We helped them build a daily conversation with over 65,000 customers in 12 months. Contact Us to Learn More. The Challenge Introduce the country’s largest single price point retailer to the social web. Build an audience of customers that can

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Remarketing: What Is It And Should Your Business Use It?

There’s an old adage in advertising that a prospect needs to see your ad 7 times before they’ll buy (although the exact number is up for argument). What if you could run ads that are only displayed to users that have previously visited your website? Well, you can and its called Remarketing. Remarketing: What Is It? Remarketing is an advertising strategy

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AHHH! Repeat After Me: If You Can’t Measure Social Media, You Can’t Manage It

Maybe it’s the data-driven marketer in me, but if you want to make my blood boil argue that trying to measure return on investment on an advertising or marketing tactic is a waste of time. Warning: rant to start in 3… 2… 1… One of the many blogs in my RSS reader is Marketing Pilgrim. It’s a great blog staffed

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Video SEO Pro Tips

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending a killer talk about Video SEO by Greg Ng. For those of you unfamiliar with Greg  he runs a fantastic web video series about frozen food called Freezeburns (among staying busy with other things). Greg dropped some serious knowledge in the span of an hour about how business can use video

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How To Waste Money on Pay Per Click Advertising

I love pay per click advertising (Wikipedia definition). I’m addicted to setting up campaigns and watching the nearly instant response as users click and convert. I find that its not only a fantastic way to quickly test brand positioning copy, calls to action and specific product offers, but if done right – like all direct response advertising – PPC can

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7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Social Media ROI

For many, social media remains a curious space. There’s clearly a lot of excitement and energy happening online, but it isn’t always immediately clear how to best channel it to benefit your company and customers. As this is a regular question that comes up in our conversation with businesses (of all shapes and sizes) I wanted to take a minute

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How (and Why) To Optimize Your Website For Bing

According to a new Experian Hitwise report Bing now powers a full 30.01% of searches as of March 2011. This reduces Google’s lead by 3%, to a still rather impressive 64.42% of all searches on the web. Good for Microsoft, but how does this impact you and your business? 1) the way your customers are searching is changing and 2)

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6 Tips for Using Events To Build Your Brand & Generate Leads

Our job can be a lot of fun sometimes. For instance, a little over a week we had the pleasure of helping a great software as a service company called host publicity stunts on 50+ college campuses across the United States. Called the Nearly Naked Group Run (yes, really) the “fun run” invited students to strip down to

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4 Critical Lead Generation Metrics

Running a lead generation campaign without tracking the right metrics is a bit like driving at night without your headlights on. You very well may know the route home, but you’re just as likely to end up parked on your front lawn as you are in your driveway. In my travels I’ve learned that there are numerous helpful metrics to

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A Test Driven Model for Marketing Success

There’s a concept, popularized in a 2004 book by Barry Schwatrz, called the Paradox of Choice (Wikipedia / video). The argument goes something like this: capitalism is great because its brought consumers a wide range of autonomy and options. However this same array of choice has increased anxiety and, in many situations, produced the inability to make a decision at

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Mark Cuban’s 7 Rules of Entrepreneurship

Yesterday at the American Tobacco Campus LocalTechWire hosted a networking luncheon, panel discussion and Q&A headlined by non-other than Dallas Mavericks’ owner and dotcom billionaire Mark Cuban. One of the more interesting parts of the gathering was @mcuban’s keynote that broke down his 7 rules of entrepreneurship.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Strategy

For all of you first time marketers out there, let’s take a look at 7 key marketing strategy questions that need answering before you roll out a campaign to the masses.

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4 Lessons You Can Learn from the Brilliant Old Spice Guy Campaign

If you’re at all interested in marketing or social media you’ve undoubted seen the Old Spice Guy social media / advertising campaign that has been running this week. Created by Proctor & Gamble’s advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy the campaign finds the Old Spice Guy, played by actor Isaiah Mustafa, responding to tweets, Facebook posts and Youtube comments with hilarious

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The Coming Wave of Shared Brand Experience

I believe that the marketing paradigm is shifting and we’re now entering a new stage of shared brand experience.

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New Business = Show Business

Take a page from the entertainment business and add some showmanship to your sales and marketing activities. Not only will it help you win big, but you may just have some fun too.

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Social Media Marketing: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Shhh… I have a secret: social media marketing may not be a wise investment for your business.

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Non-Profit Marketing Webinar on 6/3/10

Method Savvy has partnered with Results Technologies Solutions to host a webinar on how non-profits can effectively market their organization, enhance exposure and potentially reach new funders. The webinar is scheduled for 6/3/10 at 3pm ET.

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Snap Judgement on Twitter’s Promoted Tweet Advertising

Twitter recently announced it’s first monetization strategy, an advertising platform that they’re calling Promoted Tweets. Only time will tell if they have a winning formula, but for now I’m not impressed.

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Events I’m Attending in April 2010

Events and conferences tend to be a mixed bag for a lot of us. While some events can be a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded professionals – or even better, prospective customers – others will leave you kicking yourself for having wasted time that’s always in short supply. To try to make life a little bit easier for my peers

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The Most Important Word in Business

I spend a lot of time working with growth stage businesses and its extremely difficult if not impossible tackle everything that needs to be done when you have a small team and limited resources. Some businesses will spend their time thinking of better ways to build the mousetrap. Or will seek advice from consultants (*coughcoughMEcoughcough*). However I often feel that many entrepreneurs really just need to be told that they’re doing well and to keep plugging away.

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The New Opportunity for Agencies

The agency business is not for the weak of heart. But for every struggle there’s opportunity; and for those agencies willing to shift their perspective now is a great time to win new business.

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A Million Tiny Actions

Achievements are rarely the result of a singular event. It takes a million tiny actions accumulated over the lifetime of a business to reach the heights of true success. Every conversation, every person trusted and every promise made becomes part of the foundation that allows your organization to rise. Not only does this require us to be mindful of our reputation, but it reminds us to always stay in motion no matter how insane the world can sometimes be.

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It’s all about the people

Want to create a long lasting and profitable relationship with a client? Help them solve a problem. It’s just that simple. Don’t start out by worrying about how many features your product has, how much your service costs or even how your stack up against a competitors. If you can help someone… truly help them… you’ll make money. I’m reminded

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Ignore the hype, cold calling isn’t dead

Anyone who is even tangentially involved with business-to-business sales understands that building and maintaining trust is paramount to booking new business. For better or worse, people hire other people they like. I don’t care if you have the best product in the world; if you’re a jerk you don’t have a shot in hell in getting that deal. So why

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