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From the Desk of: Sam Poley, VP of Marketing Operations at Method Savvy

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Method Savvy is thrilled to welcome Sam Poley as VP of Marketing Operations to the team. Sam’s vast knowledge in marketing, communications, and organizational structure will serve to deepen the foundation of the team. His day-to-day responsibilities at Method Savvy include ensuring work is flowing in the most efficient way to benefit our clients, maintaining and strengthening internal growth, and

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Why You Should Hire USA’s Michael Bradley & Kyle Beckerman as Your Marketing Analysts

The highly anticipated USA vs. Germany match will determine whether our great nation will advance in the World Cup. But how will we go about sealing our fate in the next round? Play defensively, offensively or perhaps strike a deal with the opponent seeing that our coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, is a former German World Cup player? No matter what, one

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Method Savvy Receives 2 Hermes Creative Awards

Method Savvy is honored & pleased to announce that our client work was recognized with two 2014 Hermes Creative Awards by the Association of Marketing & Communications Professional (ACMP). Congratulations to Zift Solutions & Fridge Filters Inc! Of the competition’s 5,000 submissions, Method Savvy’s work on behalf of our clients took home both a Platinum & Gold award. Zift Solutions Zift

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Laziness is Key for Marketers

Marketers, aim to be lazy. I’m not talking about watching T.V. at work or putting off deadlines. In fact, I’m not even referring to you – I’m talking about your paid search advertising. Google’s Lazy Score, sorry, “Quality Score”, searches for paid search ad relevancy, keyword relevancy & landing page quality that most closely aligns with what your audience is

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The Meeting You Should Be Having This Week

Method Savvy works with a number of B2B companies. Most B2B companies struggle to understand the difference between a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).  As with many challenges, this one is best solved over a lunch meeting. This challenge in defining an MQL & SQL occurs for two reasons: First- How each company defines a

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Dynamic Landing Page Content – Beware

There has been a lot of hype surrounding dynamic keyword matching for paid search advertising for both ads and landing pages. Though this is a popular tool, we urge you to think twice. If not executed to a tee, it can have an unfavorable effect on your quality score, especially for landing pages. Why is quality score important? The simplest

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Cliff Notes Version of Top Marketing Automation Platforms

Google “marketing automation vendors”, and you’ll find that the options are endless. Where do you begin to determine which platform is best suited for your business? There are a few all-inclusive reports out there, but although they are incredibly detailed and insightful, most are tl;dr.  Having worked with various marketing automation platforms in the past for clients, we’ve experienced the

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The Method Savvy Olympics of Awesome

In celebration of the 2014 Sochi Games, Method Savvy decided to host its own games, right here in Durham, North Carolina on Friday afternoon.   Teams were selected at random: Team A: Grace, Ty, Evan, Meagan & West Team B: Jake, Devin, Gwynne, Jordan & Nout Referee: Shana   Event 1: Trashcan Shotput The morning started off on a competitive

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Boring Products Allow Marketers to Do Their Jobs

“He could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.” – Richard Hayden, Tommy Boy. The product is boring and the market very defined. But isn’t that what makes this feat so interesting? For Tommy Boy’s dad to sell this popsicle to a woman in white gloves, he’d have to 1) find a “woman wearing white gloves”.  And

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The World Cup Battle: Huffington Post vs.CNN

The world witnessed a great fight on Friday, December 6 – the battle of the headlines. In case you missed it, the 32 teams competing in the upcoming World Cup drew their Group Stage opponents. And Huffington Post & CNN wanted to be the first to tell you the results: Which headline would you click on? In the fight for

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Join Method Savvy in NYC!

Method Savvy will be hitting the streets of the Big Apple next week, as our very own Jake Finkelstein trains at PR News’ SEO workshop on Tuesday, October 15 at the Grand Hyatt! We know it’s getting cold outside, but he’ll be talking about one of the hottest topics around—content creation. Want to be the SEO expert for your organization?

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Join Jake at NC’s Public Relations & Marketing Seminar

Our very own Jake Finkelstein will be speaking at North Carolina’s Public Relations & Marketing Seminar in Chapel Hill on October 10th! This year’s seminar is called “Write. Rinse. Retweet. Mastering Communication Strategies in a Connected Economy”. If you’re a communication or marketing professional in the area, mark this on your calendar. It starts at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM,

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Our 2nd SIG!

If you’re an AMA member, come on over to our office at 6 PM next Thursday, September 26th for Method Savvy’s 2nd SIG! There will be free food, Fullsteam beer, and overall just great company and discussion. The topic…Digital Marketing Attribution: Marketers today must justify budgets by attributing marketing’s effects throughout the sales process. Developing a marketing attribution system helps

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Let Vine Inform Your Content Marketing

If you haven’t heard of Vine by now, you are lagging behind in the social media world. Since its launch in January 2013, Vine’s 6-second, endlessly looping videos have taken the world by storm. The reason Vine is important is not because it’s merely a 6-second video, but because it forces users to be succinct and original. Many marketers today

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Our First SIG!

Method Savvy hosted its first Digital Marketing & Analytics Special Interest Group on Tuesday night! Thanks again to all of those who came out. We had a great time speaking and getting to know everyone. For those of you who missed it, here is a quick recap of the meeting:  Breaking Down Silos: The Case for Integrated Marketing During our

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5 ways to look at Social Media Return on Investment

Building on our previous post, we now look at another question from the “2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” article. “How do I measure the return on my social media investment?” For many this is the million dollar question, 87% of marketers surveyed responded that they aren’t sure how to measure social media ROI.  With 86% of marketers responding that social

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Method Savvy is Now an AMA Sponsor!

We are pleased to announce Method Savvy’s official partnership with The Triangle AMA as a Platinum Sponsor! We are happy to say that we will now be hosting the Digital Marketing and Analytics special interest group (SIG) once a month. This SIG allows for an open discussion with fellow AMA members on how analytical thinking can inform the marketing process,

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We’re Growing!

Method Savvy is growing! Over the past few months, we have added several new savvy marketers to the team. Head over to the team page and meet our newest members! Not so fast though, our growing doesn’t stop there. We will soon be welcoming a Director of Digital Advertising, Digital Design Intern, and a Content & Social Media Marketing Intern to

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The Best Social Media Apps for Business

Building on our previous post we now look at another question from the “Top 5 questions social media marketers want answered” article. “What are the best social management tools?”   As social interactions and the number of social networks continue to grow, having a trustworthy social media management app is crucial. We break down the free versions of two popular social

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5 Mobile Marketing Best Practices

The growth in popularity of smartphones and tablets has evolved mobile marketing into an increasingly extensive (and lucrative) channel. As mobile marketing continues to grow in prominence and frequency of usage, it will inevitably play an increasingly large role in the marketing strategies of businesses, large and small. To help you incorporate mobile marketing into your business, here are five

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We’ve Moved!

As of January 4th, we have a bright, new office for us to call home. It’s got a fantastic view of downtown Durham and even has wind turbines on the roof. Our new address is 502 Rigsbee Avenue, Suite 205, Durham, NC 27701. Stop by and say hello.   Image and building courtesy of BuildSense | Studio B Architecture.      

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80% of CEOs Don’t Trust Marketers. Here’s Why & What To Do About It.

In July 2012, The Fournaise Marketing Group released an interesting, if admittedly sad, statement on business unit alignment. For their 2012 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program Report, they interviewed more than 1,200 CEOs from across the globe and found that a staggering 80% “… admit they do not really trust and are not very impressed by the work done by marketers.”

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Happy Halloween from Method Savvy

Happy Halloween! What happens when you cross the site retargeting advertising buying strategy with our Leads Are Easy Customers Are Hard webinar series and zombies? You get Happy Halloween wishes from Method Savvy.

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Announcing: “Leads Are Easy, Customers Are Hard” Webinar Series

Successful companies are well-oiled lead generation machines. Yet, with 79% of marketing produced leads never advancing from prospect to buyer, the expense and difficulty of acquiring customers continues to rise. Mark your calendars: Method Savvy and actionCOACH have joined forces to bring you a two-part webinar series. We’ll explore how clarity of purpose and data-driven marketing eliminate budgetary waste while

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Method Savvy Named Agency of Record for Altrius

Altrius + Method Savvy We’re excited to announce that Altrius, a wealth management and financial advisor firm, has selected Method Savvy to lead their marketing, advertising and lead generation efforts. We’ll let the below press release do all the talking, but if you’d like to know more please contact us for details. Press Release Durham, NC., May 31, 2012. –

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Reviving Stagnant Sales Leads: A 10 Minute Webinar on April 19th at 11am

Remember that friendly fellow who you met in the coffee line before that conference started last fall who went from bleary-eyed to wide awake when you started tell him about your company? You got back to the office, sent a excited follow up, got no response, and there he sits. Now he doesn’t remember you. Join Method Savvy Thursday April 19th

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To Understand Marketing Campaign Value Look Beyond Web Analytics

A few months back our North Carolina neighbors, Newfangled Web Developers, asked an interesting marketing related question on their blog: What Is A Content Strategy Worth? In the post, Newfangled’s President Mark O’Brien writes… “I was meeting with an agency partner in Chicago a few months ago. We were in an all-day planning session for a suite of new sites we’re

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Lessons In The Art Of Breaking Bad News (Netflix Edition)

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Netlix is spinning off its DVD-by-mail business under the new brand name Qwikster. Following a poorly handled announcement of a price increase a few months back that separated the video streaming and DVD-rental fee structure, Reed Hastings – Netflix’s CEO – has decided to double-down on Netflix as a streaming movie service:

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