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The Most Effective Social Media Tactics

Did you know 95% of Social Networks update their features monthly? Well that’s not actually a stat from anywhere. It just feels that way doesn’t it? Social networks are changing all of the time and with this comes confusion. 90% of marketers surveyed in the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report want to know: What social tactics are most effective?

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Engaging Customers using Social Media

Social media is no longer exclusive to the trendy restaurants in town. The tides have turned and the majority of businesses are now using social media. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in this cluttered channel, and the key to being prominent is engaging your audience. This brings us to the 4th question from the 2013 Social Media

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The Best Social Media Apps for Business

Building on our previous post we now look at another question from the “Top 5 questions social media marketers want answered” article. “What are the best social management tools?”   As social interactions and the number of social networks continue to grow, having a trustworthy social media management app is crucial. We break down the free versions of two popular social

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Social Media Strategy on your terms, from the 1st like to the 10Kth Follower

Kicking off the first post in our five part series, answering the “Top 5 questions social media marketers want answered,” we take a look at this elusive planning of a social media strategy. Lots of companies talk about social media and 97% of marketers surveyed are using social media, but success in this marketing channel takes more than setting up

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Does It Matter What Time Of Day You Post To Twitter?

The other day Heather Pownall from Southern Energy asked me about a tweet I recently shared on Twitter: RT @CMBlog: the Q is not what’s the best time of day to tweet- Q is does the time & date matter. BOOM! @webby2001 #soslam — Devin Kelley (@DevinPK10) April 27, 2012 I would actually add one more question to the process:

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Can NewsJacking The Real-Time Web Help Cure Cancer?

Real-Time + Content = Donations For Cancer Research We’re running an experiment. We’re testing to see if by leveraging the power of the real-time web, social media and content sharing you can raise a significant amount of funds and awareness for a great cause. See, we’re working with Martin Smith, Atlantic BT and ClearSketch to donate $0.03 to the Duke

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Marketing on Facebook? It’s Time To Move Past The Wall.

During this year’s f8 developer conference, Facebook announced that it’s making some big changes. In the continuing evolution of the world’s largest social network (now counting 800+ million registered users), Facebook is expanding its big data play by making it easier than ever for users to share all of their likes, wants, thoughts and social interactions. I’ll let others go

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A (Short) Practical Guide to Using Content Marketing for Lead Generation

There’s a lot of buzz these days about inbound marketing as a lead generation strategy. Whereas traditional advertising is a “push” technique – that is you rent an existing medium (e.g. newspaper, television time, website space) to advertise and drive traffic to your business – inbound marketing uses the advantages of the Internet to “pull” people to your website organically.

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Is Blogging Really A Good Lead Generation Strategy?

Yesterday I met with the principles of a professional services company to discuss their lead generation strategy. Like most successful organizations in their industry they have a multifaceted new business program that leverages professional selling, paid advertising and earned media. For several months now I’ve been encouraging them to expand their lead generation efforts to include content marketing, with a

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AHHH! Repeat After Me: If You Can’t Measure Social Media, You Can’t Manage It

Maybe it’s the data-driven marketer in me, but if you want to make my blood boil argue that trying to measure return on investment on an advertising or marketing tactic is a waste of time. Warning: rant to start in 3… 2… 1… One of the many blogs in my RSS reader is Marketing Pilgrim. It’s a great blog staffed

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7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Social Media ROI

For many, social media remains a curious space. There’s clearly a lot of excitement and energy happening online, but it isn’t always immediately clear how to best channel it to benefit your company and customers. As this is a regular question that comes up in our conversation with businesses (of all shapes and sizes) I wanted to take a minute

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