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From the Desk of: Devin Kelley, VP of Client Services

You’ll rarely find Devin Kelley sitting still. Because of the general nature of his job, overseeing our business development and account management teams, Devin is always on the move. He easily surpasses 10,000 steps a day – even on calls you’ll find him walking the office space because it helps him think more clearly than sitting behind a desk.
What will you find when Devin is actually in his office? Minimalism and memorabilia.

What 5 things could you not live without during your workday?

  1. People- we’re in the services business. Besides, people are far more interesting than things.
  2. MacBook Air
  3. iPhone
  4. Twitter
  5. Water maybe? It would be a very thirsty day otherwise.

How do you stay organized? Are you an app user or an old-fashioned list-maker? (Or something else altogether?)

This question assumes that I do… but let’s assume I do. My entire work exists between my memory, phone and laptop.  I work out of Gmail Chrome with a pile of extensions and Evernote.  I don’t really delete things (right now I have ~81k unread emails, most of which are automated – I read and respond to the ones from people) because Google is so good at finding needles in haystacks.

Favorite spot in Durham right now?

A long time Durham resident, since 1942, and often under appreciated Durham staple is King’s Sandwich Shop.  It’s near the office, quick, and tasty. You can just barely see the the building in the top right corner of my office window below so it tempts me on a regular basis. They may or may not know me by name which always seemed nice in the sitcom, Cheers.

What aspect of your workspace is the biggest conversation starter?

Probably the lack of stuff overall in my office.  I depend on a MacBook Air and my iPhone. A lot of the other stuff, like my collection of conference badges, clutters the place up.

What object in your office always makes you smile or feel inspired?

One of the few “decorating” steps I have taken is to put up pictures of some of the vastly different places I’ve visited over time, most recently a 3 week trip in and around Spain.  The variety of these locations forces a perspective beyond our office, in Durham, NC.

Be sure to connect with Devin on LinkedIn or Twitter.

All images by our talented designer, Jordan Sears.

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