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We’re looking for a Director of Project Management to help lead us get to the next level. More details at:

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From the Desk of: Evan Levy, Director of Advertising

There is no average day for Evan Levy. As Director of Advertising, Evan is the start-to-finish owner and point person for the agency’s advertising initiatives. Evan oversees and executes on media strategy, media planning, campaign management and advanced reporting. He thrives in data – establishing architecture and building advanced custom reports that foster transparency and surface insights.

We’ve asked Evan 5 questions to give you a peak into the habits and items that keep Evan grounded and motivated throughout the day.

What aspect of your workspace is the biggest conversation starter?

Definitely the lava lamp. It’s even been in a commercial we shot for one of our clients. 

Although, the recent addition of pictures of my son have started to take over.

What 5 things could you not live without during your workday?

  1. Coffee
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. My team, Erin and Eric. Yes, you must have a four letter name that starts with an “E” to be on my team.
  4. My ergonomically adjusted workspace
  5. Data challenges

What object in your office always makes you smile or feel inspired?

The pictures of my family are some of my favorite shots that I really enjoy, and the meme wall is usually the outlet for work inspiration/comedy.

How do you stay organized? Are you an app user or an old-fashioned list-maker? (Or something else altogether?) A combination of many things. Calendar alerts, our PM software, and written notes.

Favorite spot in Durham right now?

I am anxiously awaiting the re-opening of Bull City Ciderworks.

For more insights on Evan, connect with him on LinkedIn follow him on Twitter, @EvanLevy.

Images by Jordan Sears.

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