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From the Desk of: Method Savvy CEO Jake Finkelstein


When you walk into Jake Finkelstein’s office you can tell the guy has seen and done some stuff — some amazing stuff. You aren’t given signed electric guitars for standing on the sidelines. Read on for an inside look into the office of Method Savvy’s CEO and learn what makes our entrepreneurial leader tick.

What aspect of your workspace is the biggest conversation starter?
My office has memorabilia from my music industry days, so I tend to get questions about the autographed guitar and posters on my walls.

What is your current favorite item in your office?
I’m loving on my Dr. Emmet Brown / Back to the Future Pop! toy from Loot Crate.

What object in your office always makes you smile or feel inspired?
The Johnny Cash poster hanging behind my desk. It’s hard not to feel inspired and like a badass when Johnny is looking over your shoulder.

How do you stay organized? Are you an app user or an old-fashioned list-maker? (Or something else altogether?)
I live and die by Things (a to-do list that syncs between my Mac and iPhone) and Google Calendar. If anything happened to both of them at the same time I’d have no idea what to do with my day.

Favorite spot in Durham right now?
I’m always game to hang at Bull McCabe’s. It’s not new, but it fits me well.

What 5 things could you not live without during your workday?
Coffee, music, Internet access, iPhone and… most importantly… the amazing Method Savvy team!

Jake Finkelstein, Method Savvy CEO

Electric Guitar

The black electric guitar that hangs behind Jake’s desk was signed and gifted by the band Switchfoot, whom he worked with on their first platinum album. Nestled between the guitar’s strings is a pick signed by Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick given to Jake after they played at CES. “It’s hard for me to pick a single Cheap Trick song as my favorite but if I have to it’s Surrender.” [Click to listen to Cheap Trick on Spotify.]


Cheap trick pick


A poster of the Fender electric guitar specs from 1964.


“I was lucky enough to work with Oasis for the release of Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. Growing up I was an Oasis fan so this is one of my more favorite pieces of memorabilia from my days in the music business.”




Spot one of your favorite music artists on this plaque? Quite a few Method Savvyers do too.



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