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From the Desk of: Melissa Randall, Project Manager at Method Savvy

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After one conversation with Method Savvy project manager Melissa Randall your desire to travel and explore will become a need. You’ll be reading travel magazines (Melissa has a few at her desk you can borrow) and daydreaming about faraway locales in no time. Postcards, photographs and inspirational quotes decorate Melissa’s desk, a reflection of her aspirational approach to life. Melissa’s ability to capture serenity and energy all at once makes her an asset to the Method Savvy team and a truly great project manager. 

Favorite spot in Durham right now?
I just moved into my own place downtown, so I spend a lot of time on Main Street. The Social, James Joyce, Parker and Otis — that area feels like home to me right now. I also have a side job at Alivia’s, so on any given weekend, you can probably find me either tucked away on the patio with a White Street Kolsch and my laptop, sitting at the bar and socializing with our fiery bartender Brittany, or waiting tables.
(Note: Get the grilled cheese!)
What 5 things could you not live without during your workday?
  • A cup of strong, black coffee – I start each day at the office with a black coffee. No sugar. I love the way it tastes.
  • Wrike – We’ve had Wrike (our project management tool) since January and I’m obsessed with it. It really helps me stay on top of my projects.
  • Black .45mm Micron Pens – I have a thing for fine tipped black pens. They make me feel like whatever I’m writing down is more important. I’m also a big doodler.
  • Adventure time (not the show) – I make it a point to go home for lunch nearly every day to spend time with my Australian Cattle/Saint Bernard mix (and possibly part Ewok), Morrie. I explore various pockets of Durham with him or read a book somewhere while he plays. It’s crucial downtime.
  • John, Jordan & Jones – There are three crucial individuals that contribute to my overall productivity and success at the office. John Pelphrey is our Project Lead and my mentor – he’s contributed so much to my personal development. He’s really helped take my skills to the next level. Jordan Sears is our graphic designer and my work wife. We’ve worked together for about two years and we work together well on creative projects, when he’s not driving me crazy with his sass. Annabel Jones is our digital comms specialist, and one of my dearest friends. She’s one of the most intelligent people I know and I can always count on her for a good laugh or an introspective moment. I always feel a little off when one of them is out of the office.


How do you stay organized? Are you an app user or an old-fashioned list-maker? (Or something else altogether?)
I’m a list maker, but I’ve found the best way to be organized is to keep things simple and get things done. I only use 2-3 resources (Wrike, Gmail and Google Calendar) to make the biggest impact on my highest priorities. I answer emails quickly, communicate next steps as soon as I have them, and then revisit non-priority items at the end of the day. Intentional momentum is the best organizational tool I have.
What aspect of your workspace is the biggest conversation starter?
I have a drawing of myself from Montmarte (in Paris) that’s hanging up on my desk. I went last January with my younger sister and decided to get it done while we were walking around. It was from the Frenchy-est guy I’ve ever met – beret, sunglasses, salt and pepper hair – you get the idea. He had lived in Montmarte for like 30 years and drew it in literally five minutes. People always ask if I drew it and comment on how it looks like Kristen Stewart.
Current favorite item in your workspace?
There’s a small wooden box on my desk that was my grandmother’s. I don’t know when or where she found it, but I remember keeping little treasures in it when I was young. I always thought it was so cool. I still do.
Also, I’m very protective of a small orange calculator that our CEO Jake bought me. I bring it to meetings when I need to give hour estimates. It’s old school and not fancy at all.
Complete this sentence: The best place (aside from my desk) to do work is ______________. 
In a quiet coffee shop in Ísafjörður, Iceland. 
Tell us the must-have songs on your workday playlist.
I opt for pretty laid back music most of the time. A few of my go-tos:
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