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@AFitzpatrick1 @NCRIoT The saved the bright light for mw

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We’re looking for a Director of Project Management to help lead us get to the next level. More details at:

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Join Method Savvy for an Internet Summit Escape at Whiskey Kitchen

We all love Internet Summit and the buzz it brings, but how long can you sit in windowless rooms?

Take a break and have a drink with us down the block.

Method Savvy invites you to join us for an Internet Summit Escape. The bar + snacks open at 2:45 PM, just down the block, at the newly opened Whiskey Kitchen on Wednesday, 11/16. We’ll wrap up at 4:00 PM to make it back for more great Internet Summit speakers so take the less than 5 minute walk from IS to WK to get some fresh air, vitamin D, and tasty treats.

See you there.



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