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Let Vine Inform Your Content Marketing

If you haven’t heard of Vine by now, you are lagging behind in the social media world. Since its launch in January 2013, Vine’s 6-second, endlessly looping videos have taken the world by storm. The reason Vine is important is not because it’s merely a 6-second video, but because it forces users to be succinct and original.

Many marketers today are talking about how Vine serves as a great medium for brands to advertise; but we are going to talk about what the app can teach you about content marketing. Beyond just pure entertainment and creativity, Vine is a “lean tool” for marketers.

As a “lean tool”, Vine emphasizes these two important aspects of content creation:

1)   Concision

2)   Originality


Concise is Nice

Twitter’s VP of Product, Mike Sippey, points out “Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine inspires creativity”.

Since the app only allows for 6 seconds of video time, the time constraint forces the users to prioritize their story’s elements—utilizing every single nanosecond. The same goes for content creation. Whether writing a blog or article, there is no room for verbosity. As attention spans grow shorter, writers need to say more with less. Wordiness can impede clarity and weaken the impact of your writing, while putting your reader to sleep.

What if we told you all readers have an attention span of 2 minutes? No more. No less. Would this force you to prioritize your writing? Safe to say it would.

Take a look at Bounty’s Vine. In just 6 seconds, they clearly show the durability of their product over a competitor’s.


Be Original

The reason certain users have become “Vine famous” is because their videos are original and are a direct reflection of their personality—quirks, creativity, physicality and all.

Originality is key to content marketing. The Internet has become a portal in which readers have access to millions of articles on seemingly any topic. In order for your content to be read, it must be relevant and original to your target market, reflect your brand, and not be a paraphrased work of another marketer a state over.

Now you’ve heard it through the grapevine: Vine says to embrace your brand, be original, and share your thoughts in a short but sweet way.

Are you a Viner? Has your business embraced the power of this application for its marketing efforts? If so, we want to hear. Tweet us @methodsavvy.

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