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The Method Savvy Olympics of Awesome

In celebration of the 2014 Sochi Games, Method Savvy decided to host its own games, right here in Durham, North Carolina on Friday afternoon.


Teams were selected at random:

Team A: Grace, Ty, Evan, Meagan & West

Team B: Jake, Devin, Gwynne, Jordan & Nout

Referee: Shana


Event 1: Trashcan Shotput

The morning started off on a competitive foot as the athletes contended in a warm-up Trashcan Shotput challenge, channeling their inner Lebron.

Event 2: Spin & Nerf

Worn down by the day’s work, the athletes had to regain their strength in the afternoon to compete in the remaining challenges of the Olympic Games.  First on the schedule –  a dizzy, badass game of Spin & Nerf:

Event 3: Lemon Fencing

Wielding their spoons as a fencer would their foil, the athletes competed in a grueling fencing battle lemon, spoon and sword in hand. This daft game tested their balance, hand-eye coordination & distraction techniques.

Event 4: Whiskey Taste-Off

If you know us well, you are aware of the office’s affinity for whiskey. So the Olympics simply would not be complete without our friend Jack. Alas, the blind whiskey tasting took place.

Unfortunately, the tasting demonstrated that we aren’t the whiskey connoisseurs we thought we were. That being said, we won’t quit our day jobs.


Event 6: Fullsteam Ahead Relay Race

The last leg of the Method Savvy Olympic Games was the Fullsteam Ahead Relay Race where teams completed specific tasks around Durham and raced to Fullsteam Brewery.  Here’s a look at the challenges the teams conquered:

1) Ate a dog biscuit at Bull City Burger

2) Read a children’s book to a stranger at Parker’s & Otis

3) Bummed a cigarette from a stranger at the American Tobacco Campus

4) Scored an underhand 3 pointer at the American Tobacco basketball court

5) Take a goofy group picture at the Lucky Strike Tower.

The Winner:

Who won you ask?  Team B won by just 5 points. Unfortunately, due to the rising price of gold & silver these days, no medals were awarded. Fullsteam beer sufficed instead.


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  • fullsteam

    Thanks for choosing local (and our brewery!) for your company shenanigans! That’s awesome!