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From the Desk of: Sam Poley, VP of Marketing Operations at Method Savvy

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Method Savvy is thrilled to welcome Sam Poley as VP of Marketing Operations to the team. Sam’s vast knowledge in marketing, communications, and organizational structure will serve to deepen the foundation of the team. His day-to-day responsibilities at Method Savvy include ensuring work is flowing in the most efficient way to benefit our clients, maintaining and strengthening internal growth, and having fun. As huge burger fans, we are especially excited to have Sam on the team as he co-founded Durham’s iconic Only Burger.
To get to know Sam more personally, we’ve asked him to answer a few questions. Shoot us an email to let us know your thoughts on the hot topic that is his kilim rug.

What object in your office always makes you smile or feel inspired?

Pictures of my family always make me smile, and I have them right next to my desk. Also, I can see Durham from my office – I love this city and community, and I am thrilled to be here. It invigorates me to be surrounded by so much history, culture, and so many amazing people doing amazing things.

Sam at Desk

Favorite spot in Durham right now?

Yes. But seriously, I like so many places that to call them all out would be insane. If I had to pick a few favorites, I’ll always choose Vin Rouge, Pizzeria Toro, the rooftop bar at The Durham hotel, Bar Virgile, and Dain’s Place on Ninth Street…a good dive is good for the soul.

What aspect of your workspace is the biggest conversation starter?

I have a rug on my floor that seems to be generating a lot of conversation…I’m not sure if it challenges people or if they are intrigued by it. I also have an autographed 8 by 10 glossy of Shaun Cassidy, and a lot of toys.Sam's Kilim Rug

How do you stay organized? Are you an app user or an old-fashioned list-maker? (Or something else altogether?)

I’m a bit old, and old fashioned, so I like to use a mix of these things. I am an early adopter of technology and like to automate as much as possible, but you’ll rarely find me without a pen that was left to me by my late father and a trusty notebook. Sometimes there’s no beating good ‘ol handwriting (even though mine is virtually illegible.)

Sam's Notebook

What 5 things could you not live without during your workday?

My phone, my laptops (I have more than one), a killer team of coworkers, great food, and the permission to laugh out loud (that’s a biggie).

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