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New Business = Show Business

I cut my teeth as a marketing professional in the entertainment business; first with music and then onto television and movies. These days I primarily work with business-to-business and consumer product brands, but one of my favorite things about working in the entertainment industry was the sense of excitement that’s always around. See, when it comes down to it, very few people will remember what you say, but they’ll always remember how you make them feel. Great entertainment embodies this. It can move you, bring groups of people together and inspire action. Beyond a sing-along melody, a sense of style or superb storytelling; what the entertainment industry really sells you is a way of feeling and being.

These days we all work in an economic environment that demands near-term return on investment. I firmly believe that a strong brand remains an effective differentiator in the marketplace, but for many companies its not feasible to invest financial and staff resources into developing a brand for brand’s sake. What’s often lost with this short-term focus however is that to win new business in competitive global environment you have to establish a feeling of trust and intrinsic customer benefit. Just making your product the easiest to find or the most visible is no longer enough.

It may sound trite, but its absolutely true: you can have all of the sales leads in the world but unless you make your prospective and current clients feel energized than you risk losing them to another brand that does. Take a page from the entertainment business and add some showmanship to your sales and marketing activities. Not only will it help you win big, but you may just have some fun too.

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