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Our agency help desk is sparking awesome questions. Big thanks to our Dir. of Advertising @EvanLevy for leading the…

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Space is filling up for our @AdWords agency help desk tmrw night from 6-7 PM. Free pizza + beer! Grab a spot here:

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Reviving Stagnant Sales Leads: A 10 Minute Webinar on April 19th at 11am

Remember that friendly fellow who you met in the coffee line before that conference started last fall who went from bleary-eyed to wide awake when you started tell him about your company? You got back to the office, sent a excited follow up, got no response, and there he sits. Now he doesn’t remember you.

Join Method Savvy Thursday April 19th for 10 minutes before lunch. Starting at 11am we’ll be hosting a 10 minute webinar on how to reinvigorate the stagnant sales leads through marketing.

The webinar will cover topics including:

  • Aligning the lead nurturing process to your customer’s decision-making cycle.
  • Use of digital strategies such as email marketing, retargeting & social media to increase sales and lower costs per acquisition.
  • The integration of traditional and digital marketing techniques to achieve better results.

Because you probably have a to-do list as long as ours, we’ll spend 10 minutes talking lead nurturing strategies, and then shift the conversation to questions on tactics and execution for as long as you’re interested. Register to join us on the 19th at 11am.

Can’t make it on the 19th? We’ll spend 10 minutes with you anyway. Let Devin know when we can talk instead at devin (at)

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