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Rich Snippets & Microdata: Adding Context to Search Engine Results

Rich snippets have become a hot topic in the Internet marketing / SEO world as of late. So what are they?

A rich snippet is a preview of the page that appears under the search result. It impacts your organic search results by providing a better sense of the content on the page to users. Through a rich snippet, users can get a quick access without visiting the page, and search engines can provide more relevant results for search terms. A win-win, right?

So Does It Work?

YES. Common sense tells us that the more aesthetically appealing the layout the more attention it will receive. Visual cues and images implemented by rich snippets help your search result page stand out from the crowd of generic text. Some companies have seen as much as a 20-30% increase in click-through rates after implementing rich snippets. In addition, more traffic means the better chance of drawing the targeted audience.

B2C vs. B2B

Admittedly, more businesses that sell to end consumers are using rich snippets than B2B companies. However there’s a lot of value for any organization that’s serious about SEO to deploy microdata.

For a B2C brand, microdata can be used to define dates, prices, locations, descriptions, products, and etc. For E-commerce sites, product information elements can not only benefit SEO, but also usability purposes to attract potential customers. Product information elements include: product name, brand, model, description, price, availability, aggregate review score and quantity, related products, and product review.

For your B2B client, the contact information is a prime candidate to be marked. Also for corporate B2B sites, mark the entire header section under the Corporation schema as most headers include some form of logo, global navigation, company name and phone number.

For both B2C and B2B clients, if there is a blog authored by the company personnel, mark them to open up Google Authorship opportunities.

Additional Sources

To learn more about rich snippets and microdata we suggest the following helpful resources:


No, the irony isn’t lost on us that we haven’t yet implemented microdata on To be honest, we’ve been meaning to for a while now but have just been so darn busy with our clients that we haven’t gotten to it quite yet. But its in the pipeline and coming shortly. So don’t be surprised if your next search results for Method Savvy looks a little different.

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