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The Super Bowl, Jon Stewart and…Your Content?

If we break down content marketing into its simplest forms, it boils down to saying something smart or saying something memorable. Or brains vs. personality.

There’s no right or wrong answer here; but perhaps the difference between these two forms of content marketing is best articulated through real-life examples (and not to mention more fun). We’ve broken down the subject into 3 important battles:

1)   Battle of the Beers: Super Bowl Sunday

2)   Battle of the Late Night Talk Shows

3)   Battle of the Marketing Platforms

Super Bowl – Stella Artois vs. Bud Light

Aside from two NFL teams duking it out for the championship title, the Super Bowl is also known for its memorable, and usually outlandish commercials…and of course, beer. The following brewers took two very different approaches on Super Bowl Sunday:

Stella Artois

Take a look at this Super Bowl 2011 commercial featuring Adrien Brody. The spot takes a sophisticated, lavish approach, which is a nice departure from the slapstick humor prevalent in most beer ads. Heck, even the French name screams classiness.  All in all, while the commercial undoubtedly appeals to the more sophisticated and educated drinker, it’s not exactly the most memorable.

Bud Light

On the flip side, Bud Light takes a more unforgettable approach. The beer giant’s 2012 spot called “Here, Weego” features a perky-eared dog that willingly fetches beer. He even rolls on a keg. Yes, a keg! Sounds like you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Though the commercial isn’t the most creative ad the world has seen, it’s certainly memorable and unarguably ridiculous.

The Daily Show vs. NBC Nightly News

Enough about beer, let’s talk news. We all know the news can be very formal and dense; but there are shows that have taken comedic approaches to spice things up. Drum roll please. Now entering the ring—Jon Stewart & Brian Williams.

NBC Nightly News

Brian Williams’ high praise in journalistic excellence, as well his experience in politics (having covered many elections & worked for the administration of President Jimmy Carter) landed him as the lead anchor of NBC Nightly News. The show covers serious topics such as political controversy and world news (sounds smart, right?). It’s safe to say, all former hosts of the show have been experts in their fields.

Believe it or not, in 2013 only 15% of people under 30 were able to identify Brian Williams. Recently, he’s labored mightily to build a personality outside of his newscast due to the dramatic decrease in the consumption of nightly news. His appearances on SNL, slow-jamming with Jimmy Fallon, and cameos on 30 Rock are just a few of his endeavors. This may help build his own personal brand, but it hasn’t changed the conversant ways of his show.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

For those of you who don’t know, The Daily Show is a satirical TV program poking fun at politics and the national media. It’s based on comedy, not political or journalistic expertise.

Though chastised for not conducting thought-provoking interviews with its many political guests, the show’s essential duty is to entertain, not educate. Needless to say, viewership of The Daily Show is still holding strong.

  Hubspot vs. Eloqua


In 2013, Hubspot was ranked as the 21st most influential marketing blog in AdAge’s Power 150. The blog embodies inbound marketing by pushing useful content to attract users; but by “influential” we don’t mean solely thought leadership. In fact, it’s most effective marketing tactic has been its free online tools, most recently its Blog Topic Generator. This is also followed by its viral videos, podcasts & various marketing stunts. The blog is full of information that is both useful and fun for the aspiring marketer.


Eloqua refers to their blog as the “Revenue Marketing Blog”. It’s very tactical, analytical, and covers virtually all aspects of revenue generation. It’s full of comprehensive toolkits, whitepapers and webinars. As a B2B marketing platform, Eloqua attempts to articulate its value and expertise to B2B marketers through its content. In simple terms: it’s less fun, but very informative.

So what should your content marketing strategy be? Smart or memorable? Just ask yourself what information your target market is seeking.

If you’re struggling to decide between brains and personality, shoot us at email at We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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