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Mark Cuban’s 7 Rules of Entrepreneurship

Yesterday at the American Tobacco Campus LocalTechWire hosted a networking luncheon, panel discussion and Q&A headlined by non-other than Dallas Mavericks’ owner and dotcom billionaire Mark Cuban. One of the more interesting parts of the gathering was @mcuban’s keynote that broke down his 7 rules of entrepreneurship.

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A Million Tiny Actions

Achievements are rarely the result of a singular event. It takes a million tiny actions accumulated over the lifetime of a business to reach the heights of true success. Every conversation, every person trusted and every promise made becomes part of the foundation that allows your organization to rise. Not only does this require us to be mindful of our reputation, but it reminds us to always stay in motion no matter how insane the world can sometimes be.

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Our agency help desk is sparking awesome questions. Big thanks to our Dir. of Advertising @EvanLevy for leading the…

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Space is filling up for our @AdWords agency help desk tmrw night from 6-7 PM. Free pizza + beer! Grab a spot here: