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Mark Cuban’s 7 Rules of Entrepreneurship

Yesterday at the American Tobacco Campus LocalTechWire hosted a networking luncheon, panel discussion and Q&A headlined by non-other than Dallas Mavericks’ owner and dotcom billionaire Mark Cuban. One of the more interesting parts of the gathering was @mcuban’s keynote that broke down his 7 rules of entrepreneurship.

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New Business = Show Business

Take a page from the entertainment business and add some showmanship to your sales and marketing activities. Not only will it help you win big, but you may just have some fun too.

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Ignore the hype, cold calling isn’t dead

Anyone who is even tangentially involved with business-to-business sales understands that building and maintaining trust is paramount to booking new business. For better or worse, people hire other people they like. I don’t care if you have the best product in the world; if you’re a jerk you don’t have a shot in hell in getting that deal. So why

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We’re looking for a Director of Project Management to help lead us get to the next level. More details at: