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Does It Matter What Time Of Day You Post To Twitter?

The other day Heather Pownall from Southern Energy asked me about a tweet I recently shared on Twitter:

I would actually add one more question to the process: Do you need to tweet at all? The short answer is generally yes, especially given the current benefits of social for SEO.

Now assuming social does make sense for your audience, does the time and date matter? Again, I would say the answer is yes, but, I would guess not in the way most people are thinking. has a great infographic on when to tweet. This infographic is really general and I would guess only helpful for people looking to que up tweets in something like HootSuite or ArygleSocial and hope they are getting more clicks by links.

While queuing tweets can be helpful, in my experience it’s not the best way to grow and convert on a social presence. There is a great article by a body builder about how most of the time people spend in the gym is only doing maintenance, not producing real gains. This initially sounds disappointing, but makes sense the most you think about it.

The bodybuilder says real gains are made when you are truly focused, getting enough sleep and eating right. In short, when you have the proper environment, you make real gains. In my experience I gain the most followers, get the most clicks and have the best conversations on Twitter when the environment is most conducive to my audience. Namely, live Tweeting conferences, Tweetups or live chats.

So does the time and date matter? Yes. But not the time of day that you can que tweets and get 2 extra clicks on The time and date matter when your audience is most engaged because that’s where sizable gains will take place weather you’re looking to add 2 reps to your bench press or 100 Twitter followers who are prospective customers. To find when your audience is most engaged there are certainly tools you can use like WhentoTweet, but better yet, I would suggest listening.

The people you follow on Twitter should be a reflection of the type of people you want following you. Are they people you’re following taking part in a Twitter chat this afternoon? Be there too. That’s the best time and date for you to Tweet. Are they heading to a conference? Be there. Can’t make it? Follow the hashtag and “borrow” content. You’ll gain followers, get more clicks and assuming you’re in the right places, that traffic will convert.

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