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We’re looking for a Director of Project Management to help lead us get to the next level. More details at:

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Announcing: “Leads Are Easy, Customers Are Hard” Webinar Series

Successful companies are well-oiled lead generation machines. Yet, with 79% of marketing produced leads never advancing from prospect to buyer, the expense and difficulty of acquiring customers continues to rise.

Mark your calendars:

Method Savvy and actionCOACH have joined forces to bring you a two-part webinar series. We’ll explore how clarity of purpose and data-driven marketing eliminate budgetary waste while increasing sales.

Believe us, this will not be your average post-lunch webinar snooze fest. There’ll be real takaways from these presentations, like why you should develop a “Compelling Why” surrounding your company mission and values and how you should really go about optimizing your sales funnel.

“Leads Are Easy, Customers Are Hard” Webinar Series

Part 1: Discover The Power Of Why
Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012
Learn more
Part 2: Reviving Stagnant Sales Leads
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012
Learn more

We will cover:

  • Why buyers decide when they know, like and trust an offer
  • How to clearly communicate your mission and values to encourage buying behavior
  • Understand why and how prospects get stuck in the sales funnel
  • Real world examples of revenue-optimized lead nurturing programs

Click here for more details on the webinar series. We hope you can join us for some good ol’ fashion learning!

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