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We craft useful.

Our Approach

Useful marketing grows companies. By aligning marketing resources with business objectives, we solve the right problem at the right time for our clients. We blend strategy, data, creativity, and results-driven execution to positively impact customer journeys.

Our Team

  • Alyson Newby

    Associate Creative Director

  • Chris Petty

    Executive Creative Director

  • Devin Kelley

    Vice President, Client Services

  • Evan Levy

    Director of Advertising

  • Gwynne Barry

    Director of Marketing Automation

  • Jake Finkelstein


  • Jessica Sebbo

    Director of Account Management

  • John Cress

    Client Services Specialist

  • Kirsten Ingebretsen

    Associate Project Manager

  • Lauren Lovell

    Digital Advertising Specialist

  • Leesa Burrows

    Project Management Director

  • Madison McLeod

    Digital Advertising Specialist

  • Mandi Lovie

    Account Manager

  • Matt Szwerc

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Michael Wells

    Creative Developer

  • Ruth Gierisch

    Project Manager

  • Sam Poley

    Vice President, Marketing Operations

  • Samuel E. Schwalb

    Business Development

  • Whitney Thomas

    Account Director

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