Episode 4: Why This Drone Company Doesn’t Like Marketing the Best Feature of its Product

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PrecisionHawk does some awesome work with drones—but you won’t see a lot of attention drawn to this in their marketing.

Generally, people aren’t looking for “drone solutions.” So PrecisionHawk doesn’t look to identify those types of searchers; instead, they’re looking for people with a problem set.

Nathan Cavicchi

By getting down into the data to find what people really care about and are searching for, the company can steer clear of tire-kickers who would take up their time with minimal return (and who PrecisionHawk wouldn’t be able to help anyway).

Our guest today is Nathan Cavicchi. He’s the Marketing Manager of Demand Generation at PrecisionHawk.

In this episode, he lets us behind the curtain to see how a unique company’s marketing team navigates the balance between showing off their product and speaking to what buyers are looking for.

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