Episode 5: An Insiders Look at Drift: How They’ve Successfully Turned Marketing Upside Down

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If you don’t know about Drift yet, start paying attention.

They’re on a mission to do things differently.

Most companies build a product growth team, then a performance marketing team, and finish out with brand.

Not Drift.

Bill King

They started by creating a brand people love. They brought in product teams around that brand and now they’re amplifying their branding efforts with a demand gen team.

So, how have they stayed so successful while doing things so differently?

And how are they maintaining the “Drift way” of doing things, even as they make a return to more traditional marketing tactics?
Bill King is currently running demand generation for Drift and on this episode of Marketing: Behind the Curtain I sat down with him to get an inside look at how Drift is making it all happen.

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