Entering its second decade, Method Savvy rebrands, expands, and looks to the future

Durham, North Carolina – Method Savvy, a marketing consultancy that’s been part of Durham for ten years, has evolved from a two-person agency into a twenty-plus person organization with a skillset that’s as expansive as Durham’s ever-changing skyline.

Today, the organization announces the evolution of its brand identity and a new portfolio of services.

“Data-driven marketing has always been in our DNA,” says Jake Finkelstein, Method Savvy Founder and CEO. “As marketers become more data fluent, we wanted to clarify how our way of thinking can impact branding, experience, and growth acceleration for our clients.”

Entering its 10th year, says Finkelstein, marks a methodical shift for the company, adding, “As an organization, we have had a long-standing commitment to creating meaningful connections between fast-growing companies and their customers. Through our focused efforts to be strategically driven, aesthetically gifted, human-centered, and creatively agile, we have continued to find new ways to deliver that value for our clients. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to further elevate our communication and services as we move forward.”

The organization will retain the Method Savvy name and continue to be based in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Effective immediately, the market will see that the brand includes a full evolution of the logo, graphics, language, and website built to reflect the impact marketing is capable of having on the entire customer journey.  

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