NAMA Award for Howler Campaign

Method Savvy is pleased to announce it has earned a Merit Award from the National Agri-Marketing Association for Advertising on the Web (directed to farmers, ranchers or growers, and all others serving agriculture) for its work with Research Triangle Park-based biotech company AgBiome.

AgBiome is the leader in developing innovative products from the Earth’s microbial communities, discovering, developing, and commercializing biological and trait products for crop protection.

NAMA is the premier organization for agri-marketing professionals. For over 60 years, NAMA has provided education and insights that position NAMA members for success … and equips them to deliver greater value for their companies and employers in a rapidly changing world.

Method Savvy worked with AgBiome to help market their current product – Howler fungicide.

Howler™ fungicide from AgBiome Innovations is a revolutionary fungicide that harnesses the power of the plant microbiome to create an efficacious fungicide with multiple modes of action that provide preventive, long-lasting activity on a broad spectrum of soil-borne and foliar diseases.”

Because of its unique qualities, AgBiome had created the tagline “A Fungicide Unlike Any Other” but was missing visuals to match the language. Most of the design work you see in agriculture, and much of what AgBiome had been doing, was mostly browns and greens / standard agricultural images. The challenge was figuring out an effective strategy that showcased the benefits and revolutionary qualities of Howler fungicide, while also standing out from competitors, whether that be on the web, in print, trade shows, etc.

The result was an expanded palette that used unconventional hues like bright pinks, purples, oranges, and blues. The colorful shades and gradients not only stand out in a sea of brown and green designs, but also complement and emphasize the specific produce the design is advertising – which is what really matters to growers – effectively protecting their crops. Additional techniques used here to emphasize the produce are photo cropping and drop shadows that create depth, giving the crops a three-dimensional, life-like appearance.

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