One connected team

Jake Finkelstein
VP, Client Services
Devin Kelley
VP, Brand + Creative Strategy
Chris Petty
Senior Director of Operations
Leesa Burrows
Director of Account Management
Jessica Sebbo
Director of Advertising & Analytics
Evan Levy
Director of Marketing
Nicole Coalson
Director of Strategy
Jason Toth
Senior Project Leader
Ruth Gierisch
Account Director
Whitney Thomas
Design Director
Ricardo Cortes
Art Director
Rob Burke
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Casey Barnett
Lead Client Services Manager
John Cress
Office Administrator
Renee Russell
Content Strategist
Alyson Newby
Senior Digital Advertising Specialist
Anna Schroeder
Marketing Technology Specialist
Matthew Szwerc
Project Manager
Nickie Nielsen
Maya Eriksen
Digital Advertising Specialist
Katherine Matherly
Account Coordinator
Riley Whisler