Personalizing the CFO Ask

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The Avalara team asked Method Savvy to explore how the CFO’s of these Fortune 1000s would consider taking a meeting to discuss a compliance issue. Knowing the specific audience to target was less than 100 Fortune 1000 retail CFO’s, the Method Savvy team had to develop product-relevant ways to attract the attention of this busy audience.
Avalara packing
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Avalara packaging
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Personalizing the CFO Ask


Communications Strategy, market research

Challenge: In recent years, most high-end retailers have implemented sales associates wandering the sales floor with a tablet to check inventory, answer questions, and check customers out. Avalara was the first-to-market with the tax software that made the transactions processed on those tablets tax sales compliant. Avalara sought a focused approach to reaching CFO’s at Fortune 1000 companies to educate and engage them in discussion about sales tax compliance. 

Solution: Recognizing the opportunity for radical differentiation and message personalization, Method Savvy created and deployed an account-based marketing program to help Avalara attract the attention of this busy audience. By telling a story about tablet transaction compliance through a uniquely branded tablet experience, we were able to capture a busy executive’s attention. We programmed a simple on-screen experience for them outlining the compliance challenges posed by tablet transactions. The final step of the experience was introducing a dedicated sales representative to the decision maker. This targeted, small volume campaign resulted in an effective cost-per-meeting with these sought after decision makers.