The Right Data at The Right Time

By leveraging Looker, Method Savvy was able to both view and explore the data within all of Pendo’s advertising and technology stack. This resulted in optimized ad spend beyond the lead level, improved resource allocation, and cut time-to-insight from half a day to minutes.

The Right Data at The Right Time


ad management strategies, Data analysis platform

Challenge: Every marketer has a myriad of tools – channels and technologies that work together – but how does one optimize them to get the best information? In the sea of KPI’s and tools with various integrations and reporting capabilities, where can someone see one view of how their marketing spend is impacting revenue?

Solution: As both Pendo’s ad campaign manager and a Looker Partner Agency, Method Savvy’s goal was to provide both a single dashboard view of ad campaign performance throughout the revenue funnel and explore bottlenecks within the pipeline. To do so, Method Savvy used Looker to provide a single view of ad platform and technology data. A clear vision created the opportunity to shift and optimize ad management strategies for full-funnel performance.