An Elevated Global Brand

Armed with their findings from collaborative workshop sessions and building upon decades of history, Method Savvy created a transformative identity for a new chapter in the RMA story.
Risk Management Association

An Elevated Global Brand


Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy & Activation, Visual Systems

Challenge: For over 100 years, The Risk Management Association has built stronger financial institutions and economies, serving as a single source for risk management tools and education for their members. Their member base now serves 1,600+ financial institutions of all sizes, from multinationals to local community banks. After several iterations over a century, RMA was prepared to elevate their brand to a level of sophistication that matched their advancements and aimed to improve member satisfaction, retention, and new member growth.

Solution: Armed with a collaborative approach, Method Savvy worked with both the leadership of RMA and its members through workshops and surveys to gain the deepest understanding of what makes RMA stand out against their competitors, and to clarify their identity ensuring it speaks to national banks as well as young professionals just beginning their careers. With a clear strategy, new brand story and identity, the Risk Management Association is poised to help its members advance risk management principles. Empowered with the tools to operate in a hybrid world, RMA is fully committed to driving member acquisition and existing member satisfaction for years to come.